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List of MEMS/microfabricated products

Small blood flow sensor

Peripheral blood flow reflects the movement of the circulatory system and mental state, so it is expected to be applied to health promotion related to blood circulation, medical support, and entertainment fields. This change in peripheral blood flow can be viewed in real time on a smartphone using a wearable compact blood flow sensor.

High sensitivity accelerometer

This is a capacitive MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) acceleration sensor manufactured using our unique metal lamination technology. Compared to general silicon MEMS accelerometers, the noise performance of the device itself can be significantly reduced.

Mold for nanoimprint

We provide nanometer-order fine patterns that are used in research and development fields such as nanotechnology, optics, and biotechnology. We have started selling an ultra-fine mold for resolution evaluation with a minimum line width of 45 nm as a standard type (model: NIM-PHL45) at an affordable price.

Membrane processed product

Our membrane has strong mechanical strength and realizes a very smooth self-supporting film by precise stress control. Depending on the customer's needs, the material can be selected from SiC/SiN, and a wide range of film thicknesses/sizes can be handled. Application examples are also introduced.

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