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Solved by NTT's technology that reduced the failure rate and maintenance costs of infrastructure equipment!!

Eliminates the time-consuming and costly problem of exchanging silica gel for moisture and condensation countermeasures
Resolved with technology that reduces the failure rate and maintenance cost of NTT's infrastructure equipment!!

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Industry Engineering Company I
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Condensation caused a failure in the substation equipment installed at a mega solar plant in a mountainous area. Condensation caused by a natural phenomenon in equipment with a waterproof structure that protects against rain and snow was unexpected for the engineers. Company I used silica gel to solve this problem.
Image of facilities in mountainous areas
Equipment in the mountains
Photograph of failure due to condensation
Malfunction due to condensation

Problems and issues

Since silica gel needs to be replaced every 3 months,
Time consuming and costly

We used silica gel to prevent condensation, but it lost its dehumidifying effect after about three months, so we had to replace it many times. As a result, it is time-consuming and costly. There have been frequent requests from customers to improve this.

Heaters and dehumidifiers pose problems of installation space and cost

Mr. S from the design department continued to consider improvement measures. The first alternatives were the introduction of heaters and dehumidifiers. However, there are many problems to be cleared, such as securing installation space and power supply. In addition, as a result, further cost increases are expected, so it could not be said to be appropriate.
“Silica gel itself is an inexpensive material. Even including labor costs, most alternatives are estimated to be more expensive than silica gel. After all, it is inefficient to work with the
Mr. S was at a loss as he could not find any anti-condensation measures that were cheaper and more efficient than silica gel.


Points of problems and challenges

1  Silica gel dehumidification requires replacement work every three months, which is time-consuming and costly.

2Installation  of heaters and dehumidifiers poses problems of installation space, power supply, and cost.

What is a low-cost, hassle-free alternative to silica gel to prevent condensation?

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