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EUV mirror / soft X-ray mirror

We provide multi-layer mirrors and single-layer mirrors for EUV.

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Mo/Si multilayer mirror
We provide EUV mirrors that reflect EUV light with photon energy 10 eV - 1 keV (wavelength 120 nm - 1.2 nm) with high efficiency. This energy band mirror, also called soft X-ray or XUV light, is used in a wide range of fields such as industrial applications such as EUV lithography, ultra-high-speed physical and chemical research using high-order harmonics, astrophysics applications, and soft X-ray plasma observation. It is
Multilayer film mirrors are mainly used for direct incidence, and single-layer film mirrors are mainly used for oblique incidence.

Design example

      Mo/Si multilayer mirror, incident angle 0 degree
      Ru single layer mirror, incident angle 80 degrees

Typical specifications

We will design the substrate shape and coating according to your request.

  Typical specifications
Maximum size Diameter 3mm - 450mm
mirror shape Plane, Concave, Cylindrical, Parabolic, Spheroidal, Toroidal
multilayer material Ru/B4C, Mo/Si, Zr/AlSi, SiC/Mg, W/B4C
single layer material Ru, B4C, C, Ni, Au

Download materials

Multilayer Coating for Extreme Ultraviolet Experiments (English, white paper) 615KB

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