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EUV toroidal mirror

We provide high-precision toroidal mirrors for EUV, VUV, and soft X-ray regions.

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Toroidal mirror, B4C coating
Grazing-incidence toroidal mirrors are used in experimental systems that require broadband high-order harmonic focusing, such as attosecond science. NTT-AT's toroidal mirrors are used by researchers at many universities and research institutes due to their shapes and various coatings that can be tailored to suit their needs.
Direct-incidence toroidal mirrors can be used in experimental systems where aberrations with spherical mirrors are an issue. Depending on your usage conditions, you can choose between high reflectance, broadband, or narrowband EUV multilayer coatings.

Production example

Production example image
Length 200 mm x Width 30 mm, Au coating,
Oblique incidence angle 3 degrees
Production example image
Length 140 mm x Width 30 mm, Pt coating,
Oblique incidence angle 2 degrees

Coating example

      Mo/Si multilayer coating, incident angle 45 degrees
      Au single layer coating, oblique incidence angle 3 degrees

Typical specifications

We will design the substrate shape and coating according to your request.

  Typical specifications
Maximum mirror length 200 mm
minimum radius of curvature 10 mm
Board shape accuracy λ/4 PV @633 nm
Multilayer coating material Mo/Si, Zr/AlSi, SiC/Mg
Single layer coating material Au, Pt, Ru, Ni, B4C, SiC, C

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