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transmission grating

We offer stencil structure gratings for VUV, EUV, and soft X-ray regions.

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Diffraction grating SEM image
We offer transmission-type diffraction photons with a stencil structure that provide high diffraction efficiency even in the VUV region, EUV region, and soft X-ray region, where material absorption is large.
It can be used for high-order harmonic spectroscopy experiments, inspection/evaluation elements in the EUV region, X-ray plasma spectroscopy, etc. In addition to standard one-dimensional grids, we also offer custom-made products according to customer requests.

Design example

      Diffraction efficiency of Ta/SiN double-layer grating
      Diffraction efficiency of SiN grating

Standard product specifications

structure Ta/SiN 2-layer type SiN type
Diffraction grating size 2 mm x 2 mm
Number of lines 100 line/mm - 2400 line/mm
beam 500 nm width, 50 µm pitch (perpendicular to the grating)
diffraction grating material Ta (100 nm) / SiN (100 nm) SiN (100 nm)
chips 10 mm x 10 mm x 0.625 mm thick, Si
Configuration of transmission grating. (a) Si frame, (b) transmission grating

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