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SiC membrane/SiN membrane

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This is a SiC or SiN thin film membrane used as a standard sample holder for X-ray analysis and electron beam analysis (SEM, TEM).

It can be customized to suit your needs as shown below.
  • Metal thin film formation for use as a thin film target or beam splitter.
  • Slit/pinhole formation for use as a beam shaping element.
  • Sub-50 nm thick membrane (SiN) for use as soft X-ray or electron beam transmission element

Standard product specifications

  SiC SiN (Insulating)
Material Amorphous or polycrystalline Amorphous SiN
thickness 100 nm - 2 μm 50 nm - 2 μm
window size 0.1 mm to 10 mm square (depending on film thickness)
Cutting chip size 2.1 mm - 20 mm Square
Frame Thickness 0.2 mm - 0.625mm
substrate Diameter 4 inches Si substrate
option Metal coating, slit/pinhole formation


  • Sample holder for X-ray, electron beam, and EUV analysis
  • Liquid cell window material for chemical and biological analysis
  • vacuum window
  • Support material for transmission type X-ray optical element

Production example

SiN membrane
dicing mold
SiN membrane wafer
wafer type


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