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Power supply unit with GaN LED street light

Equipped with FET using gallium nitride (GaN) epiwafer technology of NTT laboratories

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Image Left: Image of street light Right: Photo of actual power supply unit

Significant reduction in standby power with high energy-saving effect
GaN-equipped LED streetlights expected for a decarbonized society

Replacing sodium lamps with LED lamps can reduce annual power consumption, but using it in combination with a power supply equipped with a GaN device will yield a high power reduction effect. Even if you already have LED streetlights, you can save even more. Depending on the scene, you can also control the brightness, turn the lights on and off, and so on. CO 2 reduction measures that are one step ahead of simple replacement with LED lighting are possible.

On August 7, 2023, an interview article was published in EE Times Japan.
GaN-equipped LED streetlights reduce power consumption by 37%, and demonstration experiments are also conducted with 1,000 NTT-AT streetlights


Power supply unit equipped with GaN LED street light 3 features

1. Significant reduction in power consumption
Due to the high energy conversion efficiency of GaN devices, they reduce power consumption by replacing conventional sodium lamps.

2. Central control of lighting
Supports DALI *1 standards, enabling centralized control of lighting. You can reduce the unnecessary lighting and improve the energy saving effect.

3. Service scalability
The service can be flexibly expanded, such as lighting brightness control and security functions.

*1 DALI: Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, an international standard for lighting control

GaN (Gallium Nitride) is one of the wide bandgap semiconductor materials, and has the characteristics of being extremely hard, mechanically stable, having a large heat capacity, and having high thermal conductivity.
By using GaN as a semiconductor material, it is possible to realize devices with higher energy conversion efficiency, energy saving, and CO 2 reduction effects than conventional silicon devices.

basic specifications

Power supply with GaN

output current 1A-2A
Output Voltage 24VDC-48VDC
output power 96W
Standby power <0.5W
Input Voltage 100 VAC~305 VAC
input frequency 47 Hz~63 Hz
average efficiency >90% (230 VAC)
PF >0.95 (230 VAC/50Hz Full load)
number of outputs 1
control method DALI Dimming Protocol
Dimensions/weight 199 mm × 63 mm × 35.5 mm / 850 g

LED street light part

total luminous flux 13,500 lm
beam angle 150 × 70 degrees (optional)
Input Voltage 90 VAC-305 VAC
power consumption 90 W
efficiency 150 lm / W
color temperature 5,000 K
lifespan 60,000 h (85%)
waterproof and dustproof IP66
Compatible socket NEMA / Zhaga (book18)
mounting pole diameter 80 mm (A separate 60 mm - 80 mm conversion adapter can be used.)
Size 524mm × 312mm × 98mm / 4.7kg

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Conversion efficiency improvement by switching to GaN semiconductor

By using GaN as a semiconductor material, it is possible to realize devices with higher energy conversion efficiency, energy saving, and CO2 reduction effects than conventional silicon devices.

Figure: Current Si inverters lose 5% when converting from DC power to AC power.
Graph: Loss can be reduced to about 1/7 by applying GaN.

Quoted from the GaN Consortium web page

When converting 100W of DC power to AC power, Si generates a loss of 5W, but by applying GaN, the loss can be reduced to 0.75W.

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