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Optical adhesive

Adhesive technology used in optical communication is one of our main technologies. In order to put low-cost and highly reliable optical components into practical use, adhesives that can be easily adhered and have excellent durability are required. The requirements differ depending on which part of the optical component it is used in. We develop and commercialize adhesives and resins that meet customer needs, such as refractive index matching, precision fixing, heat resistance and high elasticity, and low moisture permeability.

February 14, 2024  
REACH/RoHS/TSCA compliant product information for optical adhesives has been updated.
February 14, 2024  
Notice of discontinuation of sales of adhesive for fiber array assembly
(AT3727E, AT3728E will be discontinued while supplies last.AT9390, AT9968, AT3925Mwill continue to be sold.)

Product list What type of adhesive are you looking for?

1. Optical path coupling adhesive

  • Refractive index 1.45~1.56@nD, controllable with accuracy of ±0.005
  • Alignment is easy because it is a UV curing type.
  • High durability with little decrease in adhesive strength due to heat, humidity, etc.
Adhesive for optical path coupling


2. Adhesive for fiber array assembly

  • excellent durability
  • Easy-to-work viscosity
Adhesive for array assembly

3. Adhesive for precision fixing

  • Adhesive fixation on the order of submicrons is possible because there is very little change in fixing position due to curing or temperature changes.
  • AT9290F becomes transparent after curing
Adhesive for precision fixing

4.Sealant for optical parts

  • Less internal stress during curing and heat cycle
  • Low moisture permeability even at high temperatures
Sealing material for optical parts

5. Low refractive index resin

  • Refractive index in the range of 1.4 or less, 1.7 or more
  • High transparency in visible light region


6. Resin for forming optical waveguides

  • UV curable resin for waveguide fabrication
  • excellent light transmission
  • Refractive index can be specified in units of 0.001


7. Custom-made products

  • For requests for resins and adhesives other than the above, please contact us using the inquiry button on the upper right.


Please also refer to the FAQ regarding optical adhesives. We answer frequently asked questions about optical adhesives.



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REACH/RoHS/TSCA Compliant Product Information for Optical Adhesives

After applying, an e-mail "REACH/RoHS/TSCA Compliant Product Information Download" will be sent to the registered e-mail address.
You can download a PDF of REACH/RoHS/TSCA compliant product information for optical adhesives.

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