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Low refractive index resin

Transparent resin that can be adjusted to a refractive index of 1.7 or more and 1.4 or less

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January 5, 2024 
Announcement of discontinuation of sales of acrylate-based low refractive index resin

NTT-AT provides low refractive index resins with a refractive index of 1.4 or less based on refractive index control technology and loss reduction technology, which are the base technologies for optical communication adhesives.
Low refractive index and excellent transparency.
It is expected to be applied to the optical recording field, the display field, the optical energy utilization field, etc.


  1. high transparency
    High transmittance of 90% or more at 1mm thickness
  2. Customizing Refractive Index
    Tunable to a low refractive index of 1.4 or less
  3. Precision refractive index adjustment
    Highly accurate refractive index adjustment of ±0.005 is possible


item conditions unit Acrylate * epoxy
#18204 #18114 E3810
Curing conditions UV intensity mW/ cm2 10 10 10
irradiation time min 1 5 10
Properties after curing refractive index 589 nm - 1.375 1.400 1.438
Glass-transition temperature Dynamic viscoelasticity: temperature at tan δ max 18 94 103
hardness Shore Hardness Tester: 25℃ - D20
D72 D78
light transmittance 450 nm % 89 92 76
540nm 91 94 86
630 nm 91 94 89
shear bond strength glass/glass kgf/ cm2 27 26 >61

*Acrylate low refractive index resin #18204 and #18114 are scheduled to be discontinued by the end of March 2024. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The characteristic values in the table are sample measurement values, not guaranteed values.


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