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X-ray chart

We provide resolution test charts for X-ray microscopes.

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X-ray microscope image
X-ray chart SEM image
X-ray microscopy is applied as a high-resolution imaging method in various fields, but charts with sufficiently high resolution are required for evaluation. NTT-AT 's X-ray chart, which has a high-definition tantalum (Ta) absorber pattern formed on SiC and SiN membranes, is used for resolution evaluation at synchrotron radiation facilities around the world.
Depending on your application, you can choose from three types: standard type, thick film high resolution type, and ultra high resolution type. We also offer reflective charts for the EUV region.

Standard product specifications

item Standard type
Thick film high resolution type
Super high resolution type
pattern Absorber Ta, 1.0 µm thickness Ta, 500 nm thickness Ta, 100 nm thick
minimum dimension 100nm 50 nm 20 nm (radial pattern)
pattern area 250 µm×350 µm
300 µm×300 µm
membrane Ru (20 nm)/SiN (2 µm) Ru (20 nm)/SiC (200 nm)/SiN (50 nm)
substrate Material/outer shape Si, 10 mm×10 mm
Thickness 1 mm 0.625 mm

Exterior diagram (high resolution type)
(a) X-ray chart (b) Ru/SiN membrane (c) Si substrate (d) Ta absorber
*The specifications listed are subject to change without notice for product improvement. please note that.

Representative pattern SEM image

Image 1
radial pattern
Image 2
100 nm hole pattern
Image 3
50 nm line & space pattern
Image 4
50 nm line & space pattern

pattern layout

Pattern layout image 1
Super high resolution type XRESO-20
①Radial pattern, ②100 nm hole pattern, ③50 nm line & space pattern
Pattern layout image 2
Thick film high resolution type XRESO-50HC
①Radial pattern, ②50 nm line & space pattern
Pattern layout image 3
Standard type XRESO-100

Imaging example

Inspection equipment: Token TUX-5000F, chart: XRESO-50HC
(Courtesy of Token Co., Ltd.)

Custom chart manufacturing example

Reflective chart for EUV
Multilayer film: Mo/Si for wavelength 13.5 nm, absorber: Ta

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