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Fiber connection implementation service for silicon photonics

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Adhesive fixation of the Si waveguide chip and fiber eliminates the need for a high-precision stage during chip characterization, making handling easier.

It can also be combined with a base plate that fixes the chip or a PCB board.

In addition to experimental samples, please use it to create samples for display and storage.

Main service contents

Fiber array connection

Adhesive fixation of the chip and fiber eliminates the need for equipment such as a high-precision stage when evaluating chip characteristics, improving the reproducibility of optical characteristics.

Optical evaluation of chips before bonding

Evaluate chip optical loss and spectrum. By performing preliminary evaluation of the chip, it is possible to select a good port and connect it to the fiber.

Combination with PCB board

By connecting the electrode pattern of the chip and the PCB board for development with wire bonding, it becomes easy to evaluate the electrical characteristics.

Features of services for Si waveguides

Connection method edge connection only
Connection method Facing.png
Connection method 90 degree connection.png
90° connection
Fiber type single mode fiber, PANDA fiber,
Small diameter fiber (MFD* approx. 4 μm),
Small diameter PANDA fiber (MFD* approx. 4 μm)
Chip size Width: 5mm~, Length: 5mm~
fiber array pitch 127μm~ (standard 250μm)
alignment wavelength 1.55 µm
*MFD: Mode field diameter
*For connections other than the above, please contact us.

Si waveguide connection example

Example of mounting to a fixed frame.png
Example of mounting on a fixed frame
A fiber array is attached to both ends of the Si waveguide chip, and attached to a fixed frame to avoid stress on the connection.

It is easy to handle and convenient for evaluation of various chips (electricity, temperature, wavelength characteristics) and storage.

PCB board mounting example.png
PCB board mounting example
Mounting a Si waveguide on a printed circuit board facilitates the evaluation of electrical characteristics.

We also accept wire bonding processing between PCB substrates and Si waveguide chips.

Standard implementation example

item content
chips Paid by customer
Or you can make it yourself (Silicon waveguide)
fiber array Paid by customer
Or you can quote separately
End face Glass application, polishing (perpendicular)
Alignment Align and connect with 2 ports that allow light to pass through

Fiber array connection example
Fiber array connection example
Small diameter fiber 250μm 4 cores (perpendicular to end surface)

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