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Ultra-thin polyimide wave plate


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Thin wave plate suitable for optical circuits

Made of polyimide, it has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance that can withstand soldering work.
In addition, the material itself has a chemical structure that suppresses absorption at communication wavelengths, making it ideal for use in optical circuits (PLC).
Modulators (Mach-Zehnder, QPSK) and low-loss optical circuit implementation on AWG are possible.


  • Low insertion loss
  • High heat resistance to withstand soldering work
  • Since it is thin and easy to handle, it is ideal as a wave plate to be inserted into an optical circuit.
Half-wave plate (model: AT-HWP)
Quarter wave plate (model: AT-QWP)

Application example

Application example to AWG

Arrayed waveguide grating type wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer

Example of application to integrated optical circuits

Example of application to integrated optical circuits
Because of its small size, wavelength plates with different optical axes can be placed in close optical paths, opening up the possibility of application to highly functional integrated optical circuits.

Example of polarization conversion for multiple ports

It can also be applied to multi-fiber connectors (MT) in multi-port optical circuits and polarization conversion in front ends of WSS.
An example of customized shape
An example of customized shape

Application example
Example of front-end application of WSS (Wavelength Selective Switch)

Example of application to a wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer and the effect of eliminating polarization dependence by using a wave plate

Appearance image of wave plate
Fig.1 Configuration of a polarization insensitive coupler type 1.3/1.55μm Multiplexer.

insertion loss spectrum
insertion loss spectrum

Fig.2 Insertion loss spectra (a) before and (b) after inserting AT-HWPinto the waveguide gap.
(○: TE through ●: TM through □: TE cross ■: TM cross)

* Reference Y. Inoue, H. Takahashi, S. Ando, T. Sawada, A. Himeno, and M. Kawachi, J.LightwaveTechnol. 15, 1947 (1997).


Product image example
left side photo
Conventional product size image (comparison with SC connector)
right side photo
Above: Conventional product (1.5×5mm)
Lower left: Small wave plate (1×0.5mm)
Bottom right: Small wave plate 18 chips (1×0.5mm) on protective sheet

  half-wave plate quarter-wave plate
extinction ratio ≥25dB 0±1dB
optical axis 45±1° 0±1°
Design wavelength 1550nm
Thickness 15±2μm
size 0.5×0.75 ±0.05 mm 

Measured by NTT Advanced Technology Corp.

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Polyimide half-wave plate AT-HWP pamphlet 679KB
Polyimide quarter-wave plate AT-QWP pamphlet 665KB

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