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We, NTT ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY (NTT-AT), have the material analysis know-how cultivated over many years at NTT laboratories. specializes in the analysis of
We support your research and development with a wide range of service lineups according to your purpose.

Detection sensitivity and size of analysis method (image)

If you hover the mouse over the name of each analysis method in the figure below, the target size of that analysis will be displayed. Click to go to the details page for each analysis.
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TEM sem aes sims epma txrf IC ICP-MS xps

Morphological observation

Device, material morphology/structure, composition evaluation

Search by analysis method

Analysis method Information obtained Application example Surface resolution
transmission electron microscope
Cross-sectional structure Cross-sectional observation of semiconductor devices, FFT 0.2nm
FIB-SEM Information such as internal voids and defects Defect analysis of porous ceramics  
scanning electron microscope
Observation of surface shape Detailed shape observation of defective parts 2nm
atomic force microscope
Observation of surface microscopic unevenness Silicon micro-roughness measurement several nanometers


surface analysis

Any kind of analysis requires "know-how" including measurement conditions and pretreatment. At our company, we propose the optimal analysis method according to various conditions such as the customer's purpose of analysis, sample condition, resolution and detection sensitivity, etc., and our strength is to perform analysis that reflects the original sample information.

Search by analysis method

Analysis method Information obtained Application example analysis element and
Detection limit concentration
depth resolution and
Surface resolution
Secondary ion mass spectrometry
I want to obtain the concentration of impurities with high sensitivity. Dopant depth distribution H~U
ppb to ppm
A few to several tens of nm
1 to several tens of μm
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Surface composition and chemical state Surface oxidation state, surface contamination Li to U
Auger electron spectroscopy
Structure depth information
Elemental analysis of minute parts
Structure of thin film, qualitative analysis of contaminants Li to U

chemical analysis

Main holding equipment


Search by analysis method

Analysis method Information obtained Application example analysis element Detection limit concentration
inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
High sensitivity elemental analysis
・Solution analysis
・Fracture analysis
Analysis of trace metals on Si wafers, trace metals in the environment, and impurities in pure water Elements other than halogen, inert gas, H, C, N, O ppt~
(depending on measurement target)
Ion chromatographic analysis
Analysis of highly sensitive solutions
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of ions
Clean room atmosphere survey anions, cations, organic acid ions ppt to ppm
(depending on measurement target)
Total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis
High sensitivity elemental analysis
Wafer surface contamination
Compound semiconductors other than Si substrates (sapphire, SiC, GaN, etc.)
Na to U 109 atoms/ cm2
gas chromatograph mass spectrometry
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic compounds,
Structural analysis
Identification of organic compounds, structure determination, organic matter analysis during CR Elements other than halogen, inert gas, H, C, N, O ppb~
(depending on measurement target)
X-ray fluorescence analysis
Elemental analysis Thin film/powder/bulk composition qualitative analysis B~U ~0.01%
ICP emission spectrometry
trace elemental analysis,
Multi-element analysis
Composition analysis of various materials and thin films Elements other than halogen, inert gas, H, C, N, O ppb~
(depending on measurement target)



Test characterization

We evaluate and measure the optical properties of optical communication materials, gas permeability, viscoelasticity, thermophysical properties, and powder properties of materials.

Search by analysis content

Analysis content Information obtained
gas permeability (Gas/water vapor) permeability
Viscoelasticity Dynamic viscoelasticity (tension, bending, torsion), melt viscoelasticity
thermophysical properties Glass transition point of material, heat value/weight change
Powder properties Specific surface area (BET method), particle size distribution (laser diffraction method/dynamic light scattering method), pore distribution
Endotoxin analysis (displays an external site in a new window) endotoxin concentration

Analysis flow

At NTT-AT 's Materials Analysis Center, we not only provide analytical data, but also propose problem-solving methods using optimal methods based on the problems raised by our customers.

Step 1  Inquiry(problem submission)
If you have any problems with material evaluation, please feel free to contact us! Please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form or by phone. Please tell us the sample name, sample shape, composition, etc. to the extent possible.


Step 2   Submit your idea
We will propose the optimal analysis method based on the customer's problem, sample, etc. We will conclude a confidentiality agreement upon request.


Step 3   Examining ideas
Our customers' requests (needs) for material evaluation extend beyond simple material analysis to include everything from new material development to process reliability evaluation.


Step 4   Estimate & Plan(Proposal)
We will provide you with an estimate of delivery date, fees, schedule for analysis, etc. If a trial is required, we may conduct a trial analysis in advance.


Step 5   contract
If you have any questions about the quotation, please feel free to contact our sales representative. After placing your order, we will conduct an analysis.


Step 6   Result report
After conducting the analysis, we will deliver the analysis results report along with the delivery note and receipt. Upon request, we will notify you of the results by email prior to delivery.


Step 7   Payment
Please stamp the receipt attached at the time of delivery and return it. We will charge you an analysis fee. As a general rule, payment will be made by bank transfer at the end of the month of the following month.

Please contact us first.

Our analysis services help customers solve various problems.
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Location 3-1 Morinosato Wakamiya, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture 243-0124
Nearest station Hon-Atsugi Station / Aiko-Ishida Station (Odakyu Line)
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Main public qualification

  • Measurement certification office: Vibration acceleration level
Kanagawa Prefectural Weighing and Inspection Office No. 33
  • Registered as a designated organization for working environment measurement
Kanagawa Labor Standards Bureau Registration No. 14-71

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