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Nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafer

What is a nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafer?

Power devices using nitride semiconductors are expected to be green devices that support the future low-carbon society.
NTT-AT contributes to the early realization of energy conservation with its nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafer manufacturing technology.

Nitride semiconductors, represented by gallium nitride (GaN), are capable of high output, high withstand voltage, high frequency, and low loss operation that exceed the limits of the Si power devices that are widely used today. It is highly expected.

Do you have any of these issues in the development of power devices?

  • I want to try various types of substrates that have not decided which type of substrate to use.
  • We would like to secure a future mass production system while doing trial production with a small amount of various products.
  • Of course, a large diameter size is also required.

Nitride semiconductor epitaxial wafers from NTT-AT

  • We have the technology to grow crystals on silicon (Si), sapphire (Al2O3), silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium nitride (GaN) substrates, and can handle all substrates used for nitride systems. Development studies using multiple substrate types can be carried out in parallel. We do not waste your valuable time.
  • We accept orders from small-scale prototypes to mass production.
  • It is also compatible with large-diameter 8-inch silicon substrates. In addition, device fabrication and material analysis are also possible through collaboration with our related departments.

Application example

USB small quick charger usage image

HEMT structure for Power application (on 6 inch Si)

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Part number GaN cap AlGaN barrier AlN Channel
Content Thickness Spacer
SEE61K22227S20G 2nm 0.22 27nm 1nm 200 nm
SEE61K22227S30G 2nm 0.22 27nm 1nm 300nm
SEE61K22515S30G 2nm 0.25 15nm 1nm 300nm
SEE61K22520S30G 2nm 0.25 20 nm 1nm 300nm
SEE61K22525S30G 2nm 0.25 25nm 1nm 300nm
SEE61K23020S30G 2nm 0.30 20 nm 1nm 300nm
SEE61K21745N30G 2nm 0.17 45nm - 300nm
SEE61K22520N30G 2nm 0.25 20 nm - 300nm
SEE61K22520N35G 2nm 0.25 20 nm - 350 nm
SEE61K22520N40G 2nm 0.25 20 nm - 400nm
SEE61K22526N15G 2nm 0.25 26nm - 150nm
SEE61K22526N20G 2nm 0.25 26nm - 200 nm
SEE61K22526N35G 2nm 0.25 26nm - 350 nm
SEE61K22527N35G 2nm 0.25 27nm - 350 nm
SEE61K23020N30G 2nm 0.30 20 nm - 300nm
SEE61K02822S30G - 0.28 22nm 1nm 300nm
cap layer
Materials GaN
Thickness 2 (nm) or no cap
Materials AlGaN
Al content 20~30 (%)
Thickness 15~27 (nm)
Materials GaN
Thickness 150~400 (nm)
Doping C-doping
Thickness ~3900 (nm)
Silicon 1mm thickness
Sheet resistance: 350~400 ohm/sq. (w/ AlN spacer), 450~500 ohm/sq. (w/o AlN spacer)
Electron Mobility: ~1700 to 1900 cm2 /Vs
FWHM (002): <800 arcsec
FWHM (102): <1400 arcsec
Breakdown voltage: 800V – 1000V (depending on the device structure)
Bowing value: < 50um

AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure epitaxial product (example)

cap layer Material: GaN
doped or undoped
Thickness: 0-5nm
Barrier layer Material: AlGaN with or without AlN spacer
doped or undoped
Al-content: 10-50%
Thickness: <~50nm
Buffer layer Material: (Al)GaN
Thickness: 1-3 μm
Substrate Si Sapphire SiC GaN
2 to 8 inches 2 to 3 inches 2~6 inch 2 to 4 inches

Lineup available ( 6 inch & 8 inch )

on Si substrate AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure
6 inch 8 inch
GaN cap
in-situ SiN (~5nm)
in-situ SiN (~40nm)
p-GaN  (~80nm)
(Mg: 2x1019 cm-3)

catalog download

"InAlN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer" Catalog 824KB
"GaN EPITAXIAL WAFERS" catalog (English) 3.8MB
Data material "Expected to improve device manufacturing yield - 8-inch AlGaN/GaN epitaxial wafer with excellent uniformity"
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