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We provide nanometer-order fine patterns that are used in research and development fields such as nanotechnology, optics, and biotechnology.


We sell ultra-fine molds for resolution evaluation with a minimum line width of 45 nm at an affordable price. (Model: NIM-PHL45)

What is NTT-AT 's nanoimprint mold?

Abundant experience and achievements 1000件以上の豊富な納入実績とノウハウ、高い評価
rich pattern In addition to patterns such as lines, dots, and holes, we also offer 3D microlens arrays, moth-eyes, and steps.
Both optical (UV) and thermal transfer methods We manufacture various molds such as quartz, silicon, and Ni molds.Light (UV) imprint, thermal imprintcan correspond to each.
Wide size range from ultra-fine to μm order Covers a wide range from the minimum line width of 20 nm to several μm. A wide range of applications, including light reflection, deflection, microbe control, and evaluation of material transfer resolution.
From prototyping to manufacturing We also accept orders from 1 piece.

Order Flow Catalog Products/Custom

Please select the nanoimprint mold from the following two patterns according to your development phase.

Catalog product

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You can choose from 4 types of menus according to your usage such as trial, process start-up, and transfer performance evaluation.


Abundant track record and know-how to meet customer's unique specifications

We provide nanoimprint molds necessary for customers' research, development, application, and commercialization by making full use of our advanced processing technology and accumulated know-how.

What is nanoimprint

Nanoimprinting is an advanced micropatterning technology that forms micropatterns at low cost by transferring nanometer-order micropatterns formed on nanoimprinting molds to resins or films using light (UV) or heat. Applications have begun in various fields such as semiconductors, optics, and biotechnology that require ultra-fine patterns.

UV (light) imprint and thermal imprint

UV (light) imprint

Materials with good UV transparency
UV (light) imprint

Thermal imprint (heat resistant material)

heat resistant material
thermal imprint


We also handle high-precision, high-throughput high-refractive-index nanoimprint resins. For more information, click here

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