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Super hydrophobic material HIREC ®

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NTT Advanced Technology's Super hydrophobic Super hydrophobic HIREC ® has completely redefined the concept of water-repellent materials.

Surfaces coated with the Super hydrophobic material HIREC repel water and do not get wet, in other words, almost no water film forms.

Photo right: Super hydrophobic making it difficult to keep water droplets on the painted surface.

[Have you taken measures against snow and icicles?] ]

It is important to take measures to prevent the accretion of snow and ice, and to reduce the damage caused by falling snow and ice before damage occurs.

If you are in trouble with snow, ice, or icicles on your equipment, we recommend installing HIREC!

HIREC, a Super hydrophobic material, is widely used not only to catch water but also to prevent snow from landing.

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November 28, 2023
The SDS (Safety Data Sheet) of the HIREC series has been updated.
Developed and launched water-based super hydrophobic material (HIREC® 300-W)
- Super hydrophobic performance equivalent to HIREC 100, non-Dangerous Goods for shipment and storage, friendly to human and the environment

HIREC demo video

Video 1: Comparison Super hydrophobic between HIREC and general paint

Video 2: Water won't pass through the tea strainer! ? Super hydrophobic material HIREC Amazing Super hydrophobic performance

Features of HIREC Overwhelming Super hydrophobic

Typical Super hydrophobic materials such as Teflon have a contact angle of about 100°, which indicates good Super hydrophobic, but HIREC boasts a contact angle of over 150°*1. It is Super hydrophobic making it difficult to keep water droplets on the painted surface.
General Super hydrophobic material
*1 The initial value of HIREC is 150° or more

Features of HIREC Self-cleaning function

Dirt and dust exist in the atmosphere, and when they adhere to Super hydrophobic, Super hydrophobic performance generally decreases gradually.
In addition, as the UV rays contained in sunlight fall on the surface, the coating surface deteriorates and Super hydrophobic performance decreases.
On the other hand, HIREC100 has a self-cleaning function and can be expected to maintain its performance for about 3 years *2.
Change in contact angle during outdoor exposure
The self-cleaning effect of HIREC has also been clarified in comparison tests with other companies' products. Click here for details.
Change in contact angle during outdoor exposure (comparison with other company's product)
*2 This is the expected period based on our recommended film thickness (approximately 30μm). The maintenance period of Super hydrophobic performance varies depending on the usage environment, so we cannot guarantee the performance maintenance period.

Main usage scene

(water landing prevention)
(Prevention of snow accretion)
(Measures against falling snow and ice)
(ensuring insulation)

Water landing prevention

Prevents radio wave attenuation due to water film on antennas and radomes when it rains, and prevents droplets from adhering to anemometers and precision instruments

  • Communications (5G, mmWave, LTE, etc.)
  • Weather (X-band, C-band, etc.)
  • Broadcast (satellite TV, etc.)

Prevents snow and ice accretion

Prevent accidents caused by falling snow and ice

Ensuring insulation

Paint insulators, etc. to prevent conduction due to adhesion of seawater and sea salt particles

Oil-water separation

Repels water but not oil

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customer's voice

We have heard from customers who are Super hydrophobicusing the super water-repellent material HIREC, including their uses and what they liked about using it.

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RoHS directive compliant products
Super hydrophobic material HIREC complies with the RoHS Directive.

"HIREC” is a trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, registered in Japan, U.S. and European Patent and Trademark Office.

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