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What is necessary to prevent rain and snow from accumulating on the 5G antenna cover?

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Radio waves used in wireless communication are more easily absorbed by water as the frequency band increases. For this reason, it is known that when rain or snow accumulates on the antenna, the moisture causes radio wave attenuation, narrowing or interrupting the communication range.
This radio wave attenuation becomes noticeable in frequencies above several GHz, and is especially likely to occur in the several GHz to several tens of GHz band used in 5G communications.
In other words, the higher the frequency band, the easier it is for radio wave attenuation to occur in torrential rain or snow.

We conducted an experiment on radio wave attenuation.

At our company, we attached a water film on a polycarbonate plate, which is often used as a material for antenna covers, and measured the amount of radio wave attenuation.
As shown on the left, a surface coated with the Super hydrophobic material HIREC repels water and does not get wet, in other words, almost no water film forms.

■ Radio wave attenuation by state of polycarbonate plate


Radio wave attenuation occurs in both the sub-6 GHz band and millimeter wave band

Please see the graph above. In the sub-6GHz band, the attenuation is about 20dB (blue ▲).
20dB attenuation is less than 10% when converted to radio wave transmittance.

In the millimeter wave band, attenuation of about 40 dB (blue ★) occurs.

On the other hand, by applying our Super hydrophobic material (HIREC100), we were able to suppress radio wave attenuation to almost zero (red line) because water droplets and water films are not generated. It can be seen that the radio wave attenuation caused by HIREC100 itself is almost zero.

Please consider this as a measure against radio wave attenuation to stabilize 5G communications.
*50dB attenuation is less than 1% when converted to radio wave transmittance.

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