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Super hydrophobic material with antifouling properties. Lifespan outdoors is about 3 years!

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Super hydrophobic materials generally have the problem that their Super hydrophobic performance quickly deteriorates when atmospheric pollutants adhere to the coating surface. To solve this problem, we developed HIREC100, which can keep the paint surface always fresh by incorporating photocatalyst materials. As a result, it is now possible to expect Super hydrophobic performance to be maintained for approximately 3 years *. The coating film of HIREC100 is white and opaque, but it can be colored.
*This is the expected period based on our recommended film thickness (approximately 30μm). The maintenance period of Super hydrophobic performance varies depending on the usage environment, so we cannot guarantee the performance maintenance period.

Painting specification

process Product name Painting method
Number of coats

film thickness

Standard usage
(g/m 2)

paint interval
Lightly apply sandpaper (#240 to #360) to the surface to be coated, then wipe off oil, grease, dirt, etc. with waste cloth or thinner, etc. and dry.
undercoat HIREC
air spray
1 30 170
24 hours minimum
(Recommended within 7 days)
overcoat HIREC100 brush
air spray
1 30 250
Depending on the base material, HIREC undercoat or EP may be required.

Coating film performance test data


Contact angle in accelerated weathering test (HIREC 100)

Contact angle in accelerated weathering test

*Compliant with JIS K5400

Water immersion resistance

Contact angle in water immersion test (HIREC 100)

Contact angle in water immersion test

*Test conditions: immersed in distilled water at 23°C

Snow falling

falling angle in snow falling test (HIREC 100)Snow

Snow falling angle in snow falling test


HIREC 100 Brochure 871KB


"HIREC” is a trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, registered in Japan, U.S. and European Patent and Trademark Office.

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