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It maintains its Super hydrophobic and stain-repellent properties, but is friendly to people and the environment and is easy to transport and store.

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In the HIREC series of Super hydrophobic Ingredients,
HIREC 300 W, a long-awaited water-based material, is now available.
HIREC 300 W has been developed asa water-based material that contains almost no volatile organic compounds (VOC), while maintaining its ultra- hydrophobic performance for approximately 3 years outdoors and preventing ice and snow accretion, thanks to its ultra- hydrophobic performance with an initial contact angle of more than 150 degrees with water and self-cleaning function equivalent to that of the currently available HIREC 100.
Developed and launched water-based super hydrophobic material (HIREC® 300-W)
- Super hydrophobic performance equivalent to HIREC 100, non-Dangerous Goods for shipment and storage, friendly to human and the environment

3 Features of Super hydrophobic Material HIREC 300 W

Water contact angle of 150 degrees or more

Photo of water droplets on a surface coated with HIREC. You can see the excellent Super hydrophobic.

The HIREC series of ultra- hydrophobic materials boasts ultra- hydrophobic performance, with an initial contact angle of water of more than 150 degrees, making it difficult to keep water droplets on the painted surface.
→Watch video of Super hydrophobic performance (opens in a separate window)

Water-based, so friendly to people and the environment

Since it contains almost no volatile organic compounds (VOC), it is not subject to the Organic Solvent Poisoning Prevention Rules, so contractors can use it with confidence. It can be diluted with water and does not require thinner.

Non-hazardous materials make it easy to transport and store.

Because they are non-hazardous materials without flash points, they are not subject to restrictions on storing hazardous materials under the Fire Service Act or restrictions on transporting hazardous materials under the Civil Aeronautics Act, making handling them easier. In particular, we can significantly reduce shipping costs overseas.


Comparison with currently available HIREC 100

Initial contact angle 150 degrees or more 150 degrees or more
Self-cleaning function Yes (expected life: about 3 years)  Yes (expected life: about 3 years) 
Diluent solvent Dedicated thinner Tap water
Flash point (state of paint) 29℃ None
Container Metal Plastic
Painting method Brush, roller, air spray Brush, roller, air spray
Keynote color White Opaque  White Opaque 
Radio wave permeability Approx. no attenuation up to 40 GHz Approx. no attenuation up to 40 GHz

The HIREC series is effective not only in water splashing but also in preventing ice and snow accretion, and is used in a wide range of fields, including antennas and radars, bridges and pylons, wind power generation, and railways.

HIREC 100 is quick drying, but because it uses VOC, it is restricted as an organic solvent and hazardous material when used for air transportation and storage, and the shipping cost to overseas is especially high.

To overcome these limitations, we have developed and launched the HIREC 300 W, a water-based product that contains as little VOC as possible while maintaining the same ultra- hydrophobic performance as the HIREC 100

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation's (NTT-AT) Super hydrophobic material HIRECcontributes to the maintenance of customers' various facilities by preventing ice and snow accretion, preventing snow and ice from falling, and ensuring insulation.

 *Due to the small batch manufacturing stage before mass production, we may need to discuss supply. (As of October 2022)
*The contents of this page are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding in advance.



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"HIREC” is a trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, registered in Japan, U.S. and European Patent and Trademark Office.

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