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Mainly for indoor use. One coat type Super hydrophobic material!

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HIREC450 has the same Super hydrophobic performance as HIREC100, but was developed primarily for indoor use. It is a one-coat type that can be easily painted without a primer because it has good adhesion to a wide range of materials.
The paint film is white and opaque (visible light transmittance of about 5%), but because it is a thin film (our recommended film thickness is about 15 μm), it is possible to see through the base.
→Painting example

Note that unlike HIREC100, it does not have a photocatalytic effect, so if dirt from the atmosphere adheres to the coating surface, Super hydrophobic performance will decrease.

Painting specification

process Product name Painting method Number
of coats
(g/m 2)
Lightly sand the surface to be painted (#240 to #360), then remove grease, dirt, etc.
Wipe off with waste cloth, thinner, etc., and dry.
Painting HIREC450 air spray 1 15 120~150 -

Acrylic, polycarbonate, glass, and ceramics can be painted with the above specifications. (For other substrates, please contact us.) HIREC450 cannot be painted with a brush or roller.

Coating film performance test data


Contact angle in accelerated weathering test (HIREC 450)

Contact angle in accelerated weathering test (HIREC 450)
*Compliant with JIS K5400

Painting example

Painting comparison example

You can see that the right half painted with HIREC450 is Super hydrophobic as water beads up. HIREC450 is white and opaque, but because it is applied as a thin film (our recommended film thickness is approximately 15μm), the visible light transmittance is 5%, and although the coated surface is whitish, the wood grain pattern is clearly visible.


"HIREC” is a trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, registered in Japan, U.S. and European Patent and Trademark Office.

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