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[Demonstration 1] You can draw water with a tea strainer.


After coating the tea strainer with Super hydrophobic material, if you pour water into the tea strainer, you will notice that some water remains in the tea strainer.

[Demonstration 2] Oil and water can be easily separated.


When an oil-water solution with oil on top and water on the bottom is poured into a tea strainer coated with a Super hydrophobic material, the oil is poured first and passes through the tea strainer.
After that, when the water is poured, you will see that the water remains in the tea strainer.
In other words, oil and water can be easily separated.

[Demonstration 3] You can easily determine the water level of a river.

When measuring the water level of a river with a water level gauge made of wood, etc., there is a method of monitoring with a camera from a slightly distant location. In this case, it is common to monitor with an infrared camera so that it can be monitored even at night.
When the weather is fine, you can easily distinguish the water surface because the temperature of the water and the temperature of the water level gauge are different.
However, when it rains, the water level gauge gets wet and becomes almost the same as the water temperature, making it difficult to determine the water surface. The pattern is shown on the HIREC unpainted plate on the right side of the thermographic image below.
On the other hand, the board on the left, which is coated with HIREC, repels water, so it does not get wet in the rain.

visible light image
HIREC coated plate
thermo image
unpainted plate

[Demonstration 4] Insulation of HIREC

HIREC is coated on the copper wire so that it is not affected by water resistance even when immersed in water.

If you attach two copper wires to a glass plate, apply" Super hydrophobic repellent material HIREC" on top of them, soak the entire glass plate in water, and measure the distance between the copper wires with a mega-ohm resistance meter, there will be no change in resistance. remain insulated.




For example, applying HIREC on a printed circuit board prevents damage due to deterioration of insulation due to condensation.

* HIREC insulation is over 1000MΩ.


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