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Silicon waveguide (silicon photonics)

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Features of our silicon waveguide fabrication service

Fabrication of silicon waveguides based on customer designs

  ※ 設計図( GDSⅡ形式 もしくは dxf 形式)をご用意ください。

Achieves low-loss connections between silicon waveguides and optical fiber arrays

spot size converter, it enables low-loss connection with an optical fiber, etc., enabling customers to perform high-precision evaluations.Equipped with a

Capable of meeting various design needs

We offer options to meet the diverse needs of our customers, such as precise control of optical properties and composites with different types of materials such as polymers.

Seamless support from silicon waveguide fabrication → characteristic evaluation → optical fiber mounting

In addition to fabricating silicon waveguides, we can seamlessly respond to requests from customers, from evaluating optical characteristics to attaching optical fibers to chips.

1. Si wire waveguide - example of basic prototype chip production -

We realize ultrafine optical circuits based on customer designs on Si wire waveguide-based platforms.
Example of prototype chip production of basic silicon waveguide circuit
Specification example
Waveguide core diameter 400-500nm width x 220nm thickness
ring resonator gap 150 nm or more
waveguide region 5mm x 5mm
SS conversion core diameter 3μm×3μm
SS converter waveguide spacing 50 μm or more
Chip cutting size 15mm x 5.6mm
Compatible with passive waveguides and optical circuits

2. Low loss connection: spot size converter

By adding spot size conversion to the end of the waveguide, it can be connected to an optical fiber or laser with low loss. (1.5[dB/connection])
spot size converter
Structure of Spot-Size Conventer (SSC)

Example of connecting an optical fiber array to a Si chip

Example of connecting an optical fiber array to a silicon chip
Example of connecting an optical fiber array to a Si chip

Fiber array connection structure

Fiber array connection structure
Fiber array connection structure

3. Example of optional processing

Heater for temperature control and additional wiring
Controls the transmission wavelength by controlling the refractive index with high precision.
Introduction of functional materials
Introduction of functional materials such as polarized materials.

Minimal Ta heater for temperature control

Application example

Optical switch, precision wavelength filter

Customer request

Precise control of optical properties by local heating


a high-melting-point metal Ta thin film.1Achieves a heater that is hard to break by using

2   Ultra-fine heater realized by high-precision shape processing

3   Heating only specific parts is realized by routing with low resistance Au wiring

Example of Ta heater pattern processing on quartz (over clad)

Cross-sectional view of micro heater
Cross-sectional view of micro heater

Example of Ta heater pattern processing on quartz (over clad)
Ta heater pattern (processing example)
SEM image
SEM image: Ta heater pattern (Fig. 1)

Application example

Application example
Application example

Introduction of functional materials

Overcladding can be formed using various functional materials.
Application example

Sensors, modulators

Customer request

Hybridization of Si waveguides and functional materials


1 Realization of partially exposed structure of Si waveguide

2 Applying processing that does not damage the Si waveguide by combining dry etching and wet etching

3   Realization of a process that does not partially form overcladding

Processing image


Consultation on silicon waveguides
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