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Optical connector polishing machine/polishing machine film

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Optical connector polishing machine for mass production

Product name: ATP-3200


NTT-AT 's optical connector polishing machines are highly rated both in Japan and overseas for their performance and versatility.
The original polishing trajectory achieves a high polishing straight-through rate (yield), making it ideal for those seeking high polishing quality.

Optical connector polishing machine for the field

Product name: POP-311


It is for those who want to easily perform optical wiring work at construction sites in a short time and at low cost.
It is battery powered and can be polished anywhere.
Even though it is for the shop floor, we generously put in the technology cultivated in the polishing machine for mass production at the factory. Polishing quality is the same level as for factory use.

Multi-core final polishing film

Product name: ADS-MPO

ADS-MPO Finishing Silica Polishing Film is a new generation multi-fiber final polishing film. It has the same finishing properties as single fiber, and in addition, Coredip value is "0" (convex shape) in multimode fiber.

Ideal for pre-process polishing of ADS finishing process of optical connector end face

Type: AAS-DM series diamond polishing film

Long-life diamond polishing film AASDM series product image

A next-generation polishing film that achieves both long life and high yield.

Ideal for final polishing of optical connector end faces

Type: ADS Series Finished Silica Polishing Film

ADSNEXT finished silica polishing film product image

Abrasive refining technology has achieved unprecedented high-dimensional performance. Prevents fiber dents.


Please feel free to contact us for consultation such as selecting the most suitable polishing machine and renting a demo machine.
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