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Optical connector polishing machine ATP-3200

Suitable for multi-core connector polishing

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The optical connector polishing machine ATP-3200 supports not only standard optical connectors, but also prototype polishing of developed products, high-mix low-volume production, and mass production, and has a high first-run polishing rate and maintainability.
Optical connector polishing machine ATP-3200 exterior photo
Appearance of ATP-3200
October 15, 2021
Notice of Termination of Sales of Replacement Parts and Repair Services for Optical Connector Polishing Machines "ATP-2200" and "SCP-241"
February 15, 2019
We would like to inform you that the following products that you are using regularly have been discontinued. Notice of discontinuation of ATP-3000 polishing machine
July 5, 2018
Capable of polishing up to 96 terminals of LC connector Released new optical connector polishing machine "ATP-3200"
- Improved maintainability while maintaining the advantages of the independent pressurization system -


High polishing first-run rate

The original polishing trajectory achieves a high polishing straight-through rate (yield).

In the conventional rotation-revolution polishing machine, all the connectors that are polished at the same time pass through the same place on the polishing film. The connector end-face quality has been affected. With the ATP series polishing machine, the polishing trajectory only overlaps adjacent connectors, so even if foreign matter is present, other connectors will not be affected. This unique polishing trajectory mechanism achieves an unprecedented high straight-line polishing rate for connector end face appearance quality.

Furthermore, with the ATP-3200, this polishing trajectory can be adjusted by connecting to a PC, so even in special polishing, it is possible to optimize it according to the polishing target and specifications.

The original polishing trajectory achieves a high polishing straight-through rate (yield).

low cost

By cutting the polishing film in a square shape instead of a circle, making it possible to polish mainly in a straight line in addition to the conventional rotation-based polishing trajectory, Minimize the amount of wasted parts.

No rough diamond polishing process required
Furthermore, in the polishing jig for single-core connectors such as SC, the independent pressurization method *1 This eliminates the need for a rough diamond polishing process to adjust the variations in connectors and ferrules. For this reason, low-reflection PC polishing of single-core connectors can be completed in just three steps: (1) adhesive removal, (2) fine diamond, and (3) ADS silica finishing.

Simultaneous realization of low cost and high quality polishing (55dB or more)
By using it together with the ADS series *2 final polishing film, it is possible to achieve both low cost and high polishing quality. The finishing film can now be used more than twice as many times as the conventional machine. Of course, it meets high performance polishing (55dB or more).
Duplex connectors *3 such as LC Duplex achieve both the number of times of use and performance more than double that of conventional models, just like single-core connectors.
  Number of LC Duplex ADS-NEXT usage count
ATP-3200 48 pairs (96 terminals) 60 times
Conventional polishing machine 26 pairs (52 terminals) up to 30 times
Conventional low-cost polishing machine 36 pairs (72 terminals) up to 10 times
*This is an example of verification within our company and does not guarantee the number of times.

Achieves both high-performance polishing (55 dB or more)

Final polishing film life (ADS-NEXT) and return loss (LC Duplex 48 pairs (=96 terminals))

*1: A general optical connector polishing machine uses a batch pressurization method that fixes the connectors to be polished together. NTT-AT 's optical connector polishing machine adopts an independent pressurization method, and since each connector is pressurized individually, it completes with the appropriate amount of polishing for each connector, and it is a mechanism to prevent overgrinding. .
*2: This polishing film is highly rated at optical connector manufacturing sites around the world.
*3: Similar to LC Duplex, other duplex connectors can be polished at high performance and at low cost.

Simple operation, no skill required

For single-core connector polishing Insert the connector into the polishing jig and lock the pressure mechanism all at once! No tricks or tricks required.
For multi-core connector polishing Since it is fixed from two directions, anyone can polish without tilting the polishing surface.
For fiber array and PLC polishing Stable attachment by the core structure achieves stable polishing quality.

In addition, no special additional equipment is required for polishing fiber arrays or PLCs. Easy-to-handle polishing film that can be easily polished in the same way as connectors. Furthermore, since most of the polishing films are the same as those for connectors, fiber arrays and connectors can now be run on the same polishing line.

program function

Prevent process mistakes

The time and speed of each polishing process and the stroke of the polishing trajectory can be set in advance for each object to be polished, such as SC/PC connectors and MT-24MM connectors. can be prevented.

Supports centralized control
With a PC (RS-232C/USB) connection, you can write process programs, adjust the polishing trajectory, and remotely operate the machine. This makes it possible to support centralized control along with the development of the production process, such as line automation by connecting polishing machines.

MPO also achieves high-performance polishing without core dip

Core dip affects return loss. Eliminating core dipping is the key to improving polishing performance.
Example of polishing with core dip
Example of polishing with core dip
By using the ATP-3200 polishing machine in combination with the ADS-MPO final polishing film, it is possible to achieve high-performance MPO polishing with low reflection and no core dips, regardless of whether it is single mode or multimode.
It supports many optical fibers such as OS series including OS2, OM series including OM5, SMF-28, GI50, GI62.5.

Example of polishing without core dipping

Example of polishing without core dipping
Polishing example of OS2-APC
Example of polishing without core dipping
Polishing example of OM5-PC

Specifications and polishing examples


External dimensions 370W x 430D x 300H (mm)
weight about 25 kg
power supply AC 100 to 240V
power consumption 240W
*Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Polishing example (ATP-3200)

Polishing number (maximum) 96 pieces LC-Duplex
48 pieces SC Ferrule,
LC Ferrule, MU Ferrule, Simple MU Ferrule
SC/PC Plug, SC/APC Plug,
FC/PC Plug, FC/APC Plug, LC/PC Plug,
LC/APC Plug, MU/PC Plug
MT, MPO, MT-RJ Ferrule, Fiber-Array (1-32ch)
6 to 22 Fiber-Array (the number of attachments differs depending on the size)
Number of processes (recommended) 3 steps SC, FC, MU, LU (PC, APC)
4 processes MT, MPO & MT-RJ, Fiber-Array

Abrasive properties

For single core PC polishing

Curvature radius (mm) Convex sphere eccentricity (μm) Fiber pull (μm)
10-25 <50 <0.05

For multi-center flat polishing

type RX (mm) RY (mm) angle (degrees)
MT (0°) >2000 >5 0±0.2
MT (8°) >2000 >5 8±0.2


Jig list

for single core

Jig name Mounting number Corresponding connector Model
single core jig
Independent pressure type plug/ferrule combined use
24 Ferrule SC, FC ATP-3200-AZ0001
LC, MU ATP-3200-AZ0005
plug SC ATP-3200-AZ0007
SC/APC Conical ATP-3200-AZ0009
FC ATP-3200-AZ0002
FC/APC Conical ATP-3200-AZ0010
LC ATP-3200-AZ0006
LC/APC Conical ATP-3200-AZ0008
48 LC-Duplex ATP-3200-AZ0018

for multi-core

Jig name Maximum number of attachments Corresponding connector Model
multi-core jig
For independently pressurized ferrule
24 Ferrule MT (0°) ATP-3200-AZ0003
MT (8°) ATP-3200-AZ0013
MT-RJ (0°) ATP-3200-AZ0012
In addition to the above, many other compatible connectors are available, so please contact us.

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