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Handy type optical connector polishing machine POP-311

Handy polishing machine

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Perfect for on-site! Compact handy optical connector polishing machine!

Optical connector polishing machine POP311 product image
Optical connector installation work for detached houses and broadband compatible condominiums associated with FTTH. Excess length processing optical connector installation work associated with optical fiber laying in intelligent buildings, or regrinding of damage repair of already laid optical fiber connector end faces. These can be worked on site.
It can also be used as the world's first manual MT polishing machine by using the attachment for MT (sold separately).

[Repolishing with POP-311]
You can watch a video of the polishing work that anyone can easily do.


battery powered

Easy-to-find rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (AA) and alkaline batteries (AA) can be used.

high speed polishing

Polishes optical connectors at a high speed rotation of 700 times per minute. Moreover, it can be easily done on site in 3-5 processes.
Adhesive removal ~ AdPC polishing ⇒ 150 seconds (SC connector/terminal)
AdPC polishing by regrinding ⇒ 50 seconds (SC connector/terminal)
(AdPC Polishing: Advanced PC Polishing)

high quality polishing

Generous use of technology cultivated in mass-production polishing machines at factories. Polishing quality is the same level as for factory use.


Body specifications

Usage Optical connector polishing (for regrinding and new polishing processing)
Target connector
MTP/MPO , MTRJ type optical connector, glass ferrule and custom
Abrasive properties curvature radius 10-25mm
convex spherical eccentricity < 50μm
Fiber entry < 0.05 µm
return loss >50dB
weight 830g (excluding batteries)
External dimensions 90W x 75D x 212H (mm)


power supply Rechargeable nickel metal hydride or alkaline batteries (AA x 4)
AC adapter
100-120V, 100-240V compatible
Polishing jig base universal fixture base POP311-AZ-00
Polishing surface plate for SC/FC POP311-B-01S  -
for MU/LC POP311-B-01M  -
For APC/coarse polishing POP311-B-02 For forming APC oblique surface/
For MT ferrule polishing
attachment For SC/PC ferrules ATP3000-AZ01  
For FC/PC plug ATP3000-AZ02  
For MT 0° ferrules ATP3000-AZ03  
For SC/APC-C ferrules ATP3000-AZ04 for conical ferrule
For LC/MU/PC ferrules ATP3000-AZ05  
for LC/PC plug ATP3000-AZ06  
For SC/PC plug ATP3000-AZ07  
for LC/APC plug ATP3000-AZ08  
For SC/APC-C plug ATP3000-AZ09 for conical ferrule
For FC/APC-C plug ATP3000-AZ10 For conical ferrule/
for narrow keys
For FC/APC-S plug ATP3000-AZ11 For step ferrule/
for narrow keys
For MT-RJ ferrule ATP3000-AZ12  
For MT 8° ferrule ATP3000-AZ13  
For Φ2.5mm V-groove ATP3000-AZ14  
For Φ1.25mm V-groove ATP3000-AZ15  
For ST/PC plug ATP3000-AZ16  
For E2000 ferrule ATP3000-AZ21  
for LC-Duplex POP311-AZ-01  
Case carrying case POP311-0-10

the expendables

rubber pad for SC/FC POP311-P-01 1 set of 3 sheets
for MU/LC POP311-P-02
polishing film Please contact us as it varies depending on the polishing process.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.

Options Jig example

Product image
MT ferrule jig
LC-Duplex fixture
LC-Duplex fixture

*Photos are sold separately.

Features of exchangeable attachment jigs

Since the attachment is shared with the factory polishing machine ATP-3000, it can handle a wide range of polishing such as polishing of MPO connectors, single-core connectors (UPC/APC), various capillaries and fibers only.

MT connector polishing process (ferrule: 12MT-PPS-SM)

Process name Used film Time

Abrasive properties

Abrasive properties
RX(mm) >2000, RY(mm) >5,
Angle (degree) ±0.2
Fiber protrusion (μm) 1~3.5

Suitable for regrinding

If the installed optical fiber connector is damaged, it can be re-polished on-site.

■ Regrinding of MT connector

Regrinding of MT connector

Before polishing After 30 seconds of regrinding


Download materials

Handy Type Optical Connector Polishing Machine Catalog 658KB


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