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Wearable small blood flow sensor

Can be monitored in real time by linking with a smartphone

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p0050_2.jpgThis product is not a medical device.

We have realized a small wearable blood flow sensor.

Peripheral blood flow reflects movement of the circulatory system and mental state, so it is expected to be applied to health promotion related to blood circulation, medical support, and entertainment fields.
This change in peripheral blood flow can be viewed in real time on a smartphone using a wearable compact blood flow sensor.
In addition, due to power saving, long-term continuous monitoring is possible while carrying.


You can see the blood flow volume acquired from your smartphone in real time.
Features of the wearable compact blood flow sensor

Visualize changes in blood flow with a smartphone

By irradiating the skin surface with laser light, it is possible to visualize the trend of changes in peripheral blood flow from the frequency spectrum of the scattered light. Visualized information can be viewed in real time on a smartphone.

Compact and power saving

It is smaller and consumes less power than conventional blood flow meters, so long-term continuous monitoring is possible while being carried.

Easy acquisition of measurement data

The acquired blood flow data can be downloaded from a smartphone as a CSV file.


Measuring principle Laser Doppler method (fiberless)
Dimensions/Weight head 13.5 x 10.5 x 4.0mm / 6g (including harness)
Harness length 300mm
Body 40 x 30 x 12.5mm / 12.5g
power supply Built-in lithium battery (USB charging)
Battery usage time Approximately 17 hours (longer operation possible depending on settings)
blood flow table unit Relative value: Relative value corresponding to the product of blood volume and velocity in the measurement area
(Unit tissue volume is proportional to blood volume flowing per unit time)
Data communication standard Bluetooth Low Energy
Data acquisition/display application OS Android 6.0 or higher (Please contact us for supported versions.)
Measurement item Blood flow, reflected light amount, average blood flow


・The measured value fluctuates depending on the place and pressure where the sensor head is pressed. sensor head at constant pressure
must be in contact.
・Smartphone for installing visualization application is not included. Please prepare separately.


Wearable compact blood flow sensor pamphlet 1.2MB

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