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EUV dichroic mirror

We offer dichroic mirrors that separate EUV light from visible light and near-infrared light.

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EUV dichroic mirror
In order to efficiently utilize the EUV light generated by high-order harmonic generation, it is necessary to separate the high-intensity pump light propagating coaxially with the EUV light.
NTT-AT 's EUV dichroic mirror reflects broadband EUV light and prevents reflection of visible or near-infrared pump light with a high damage threshold compared to thin film filters and Brewster's angle beam separators. .
In addition to standard products for 800 nm anti-reflection, we also offer custom products based on desired wavelength, mirror size, and angle of incidence. We also offer double-sided coated products for beam coupling.

Standard goods

      DM20/800-2002 EUV reflection profile
      Reflection profile of DM30/800-2002

Standard product specifications are as follows.

  DM-20/800-2002 DM-30/800-2002
oblique angle 12 degrees
Polarization p-polarized
Anti-reflection <2% @ 800nm +/- 50nm
EUV reflectance 60% @ 20nm 40% @ 30nm
Substrate type
size 50.8 mm diameter, 5.08 mm thick
back side sand finish

Example of custom-made product design

Dichroic mirror for wavelength 3 nm (oblique incidence angle 3 degrees). Anti-reflection: <30% @1.5 μm.

We will design the coating according to your request.

  Typical custom-made specifications
Maximum substrate length 300mm
High reflection band
3nm - 120nm
antireflection wavelength 400nm, 800nm, 1030nm, 1.5μm
s-polarized, p-polarized
back side coated, sand finish

Download materials

High Contrast and High Damage threshold EUV/Visible Dichroic Mirror (English, white paper) 348KB

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