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Papers on KTN and optical crystals have been compiled. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to post your information on this page.

2016     2017-2018     2019-2020     2021-2022


Publication magazine
Y. Ling and C. P. Hendon Proc. SPIE
Electrocaloric properties of potassium tantalate niobate crystals H. Maiwa Jpn. J. Appl. Phys
Electro-optic deflector based on KTN crystal for phase-stable swept light source for OCT Yuzo SASAKI, Takashi SAKAMOTO, Masahiro UENO, Seiji TOYODA, Junya KOBAYASHI, Tadashi SAKAMOTO, Masatoshi FUJIMOTO, Shogo YAMAGISHI, Mahiro YAMADA, Shogo YAGI IECE Trans. Electron.
Additive manufacturing and strategic technologies in advanced ceramics: ceramic transactions K. Shimamura, S. Kirihara, J. Akedo, T. Ohji and M. Naito Ceram. Trans
Electro-optic and acousto-optic laser beam scanners J. Heberle, P. Bechtold, J. Strauß, M. Schmidt Proc. SPIE
Development of novel high-speed en face optical coherence tomography system using KTN optical beam deflector M. Ohmi, A. Fukuda, J. Miyazu, M. Ueno, S. Toyoda and J. Kobayashi Appl. Phys. Express
Optical beam scanning using potassium tantalate niobate H. Chen M. S. Thesis, U. Dayton


2017 - 2018


paper author Publication magazine
M. Ueno, T. Sakamoto, S. Toyoda, Y. Sasaki, J. Yamaguchi, T. Sakamoto, M. Fujimoto, M. Yamada E. Sugai and T. Kodaira IEICE Tech. Rep.
Highly phase-stable 200 kHz swept-source optical coherence tomography based on KTN electro-optic deflector Y. Ling, X. Yao and C. P. Hendon Biomed. Opt. Express
Phase-noise analysis of swept-source optical coherence tomography systems Y. Ling, Y. Gan, X. Yao and C. P. Hendon Opt. Lett
Development of optical coherence tomography using KTN optical probe E. Choi, M. Ohmi, T. Komatsu, S. Yagi and K. Fujiura J. Phys. Conf. Ser
Optical access schemes for high speed and spatial resolution optical absorption tomography in energy engineering S. -A. Tsekeni and N. Polydorides IEEE Sens. J.
KTN-based high-speed axial and lateral scanning technique for an optical coherence tomography system and application to dental imaging V. Damodaran, N. J. Vasa and R. Sarathi Appl. Opt
Pulsed laser deposition of ferroelectric potassium tantalate-niobate optical waveguiding thin films Y. Jia, M. Winkler, C. Cheng, F. Chen, L. Kirste, V. Cimalla, A. Žukauskaitė, J. Szabados, I. Breunig and K. Buse Opt. Mater. Express
High-speed phase-stable swept source optical coherence tomography: Functional imaging and biomedical applications Y. Ling Ph.D. Dissertations, Columbia U.
High-speed multispectral optical imaging and optical coherence tomography for cerebral neurovascular imaging W. Chen Ph.D. Dissertations, State U. New York at Stony Brook


2019 - 2020


paper author Publication magazine
C. Reyes, T. Piwonski, B. Corbett and B. Roycroft Proc. SPIE
MINFLUX nanoscopy delivers multicolor nanometer 3D-resolution in (living) cells K. C. Gwosch, J. K. Pape, F. Balzarotti, P. Hoess, J. Ellenberg, J. Ries and S. W. Hell Nat. Methods
Electro-optic eigenfrequency tuning of potassium tantalate-niobate microresonators J. Szabados, C. S. Werner, S. J. Herr,  I. Breunig and K. Buse APL Photonics



2021 - 2022


paper author Publication magazine
L. Ni, X. Li, Z. Zhao, J. Nam, P. Wu, Q. Wang, T. Lee, H. Liu and D. Xiang ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
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