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Optical connector optical characteristic evaluation equipment

Optical connector optical characteristics and measurement solutions

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ALPHA platform, OMEGA platform
This is an optical characteristic measurement system that can measure and evaluate various optical devices including optical connectors. By replacing and combining modules, various measurement systems can be constructed.


Easy to add and change functions

The modular replacement system allows for easy replacement and expansion, and also provides excellent maintainability in the event of a failure.

A comprehensive lineup

In addition to light sources and optical power meters, ourlineup also includes modules such as optical switches, variable attenuators, and optical insertion loss/return loss modules.

Systems can be constructed by combining modules

It is possible to build an optical evaluation system that can evaluate a variety of optical devices, enabling improved inspection quality and more efficient inspection.

Optical connector optical characteristic evaluation equipment lineup


The system is composed of a platform and modules. By replacing and combining modules, various optical evaluation systems can be constructed.

Above: ALPHA platform
The dual slots allow for two function modules to be installed.
It is a compact platform that is easy to deploy.

Bottom: OMEGA platform
Up to 10 function modules can be installed
Large-scale systems
A buildable, extensible platform.

Optical evaluation system example

挿入損失・反射減衰量 (IL/RL) 測定器

When combined with an optical switch module, it is also possible to continuously measure the optical insertion loss and return loss (Insertion Loss/Return Loss) of up to 24 cores.
IRL Meter
IRL Meter for Single Core Connectors
・ALPHA Platform
・IRL meter module
IRL Meter for Multi-Fiber Connectors
・OMEGA Platform
・IRL meter module
・Optical switch module

MPO connector polarity tester

The polarity of MPO connectors for up to 72 channels can be inspected without damaging the fiber end faces. Polarity inspection of optical cables is essential for the proper operation of multi-channel systems and for shipment inspection.
MPO connector polarity tester
MPO Connector Polarity Tester
・ALPHA Platform
・Polarity tester module
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