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Intelligent optical switch unit NSW series

Optical Switch Unit

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Configuration and types of optical switches


Product image_Optical switch base unit

1U housing (base unit) and
It consists of modules that can be mounted up to 4 units.


Product image_Optical switch

Web screen (enlarged)
Web, SNMP, CLI, and Telnet can be used to remotely monitor the optical power level and monitor and operate the optical switch status.

Optical switch type

Type of optical switch unit 1×2 1 core switching.
Type of optical switch unit 2×4 Switch 2 cores (TxRx) at the same time.
Type of optical switch unit 2×2 0 system and 1 system are crossed by switching 1 core.

Optical switch specifications

Equipment (base unit)
number of slots Supports hot swapping of 4 * modules
external interface 10/100BASE-T, RS-232C
size Width 480 x Depth 405 x Height 44mm
mass Approx. 5.7 kg (including 2 redundant power supply units, excluding modules)
input voltage AC85-250V
* Supports duplication of power supply units and hot-swap of power supply units
power consumption 50W or less
operating temperature 0~55℃
operating humidity 15 to 85% RH (no condensation)

Optical switch (slot-in module)
Optical switch type (1x2), (2x4), (2x2)
*Types other than the above are also available.
optical switch operation Self-holding type (switching state does not change with power ON/OFF)
Optical switch switching time 10 ms or less
Optical power detection level SM about -40dBm to +10dBm (with simple light level detection function)
*Specifications differ depending on the model except for SM modules. Please contact us for details.
Optical switch switching protection time None to 17 seconds
Suitable wavelength  
1300-1600nm band (SM)
850nm band (MM)
1300nm band (MM)
Applicable optical fiber
SM (9/125μm)
MM (50/125μm)
Insertion loss *1
≤2dB (with automatic switching)
≤1dB (without automatic switching)
Switch switching life 10,000,000 times or more (switching times)
optical connector SC/UPC, SC/APC, LC
*Types other than the above are also available.

*1 Does not include connector characteristics.
Note) Specifications are subject to change.

Detail view

front panel

front panel
Note: The module configuration is an example.

rear panel

rear panel

optical switch lineup


Product name Model size number of slots
base unit NSW-BU-02 19 inch 1U 4

optical switch module

Product name Optical switch module for NSW
Model Applicable optical fiber light switch
light detection
NSW-OS12-SM-PD (UN) single mode fiber 1×2 Yes Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS12-SM-PN Nothing Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS12CP12-SM-PD Coupler +1×2 Yes Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS24-SM-PD 2×4 Yes Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS24(8)-SM-PD Yes Equipped with 8ch
NSW-OS24-SM-PN Nothing Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS24(8)-SM-PN Nothing Equipped with 8ch
NSW-OS22-SM-PD(UN) 2×2 Yes Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS22-SM-PN Nothing Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS12-M51-PD(UN) Multimode fiber GI50 1×2 Yes 850nm, 2ch installed
NSW-OS12-M5-PN Nothing Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS24-M51-PD 2×4 Yes 850nm, 2ch installed
NSW-OS24(8)-M51-PD Yes 850nm, 8ch installed
NSW-OS24-M5-PN Nothing Equipped with 2ch
NSW-OS24(8)-M5-PN Nothing Equipped with 8ch

*In addition to the above, we can also propose customized modules according to customer requests. Please feel free to contact us
*For some products, click the model number to move to the product details page.


In the NSW series, we take advantage of the characteristics of the slot-in system and prepare optional modules according to the customer's network configuration.

  • optical coupler
  • optical attenuator


Please contact us for details.

Operation software is available to manage and control optical switch units installed at multiple sites.

Image of management and control

Image of management and control

Operation software screen example

Operation software screen example

Please contact us for details.



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Optical switch unit NSW series 1.6MB

Installation results of optical switches

NTT-AT 's optical switch units have shipped a total of several thousand units, accommodating more than tens of thousands of ports of optical fiber communication equipment, and supporting the business activities of communication carriers, ISPs, and others.

Main destination

IX operator, communication carrier, ISP operator, IDC operator, CATV operator, MSO operator

Introducing examples of typical installations of optical switch units. Please take a look.

Representative case study

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Intelligent optical switch device NSW-BU-01 1.6MB

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