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ESW series

Optical switch for FTTH/PON

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Features of the ESW series

Fast switching function
Quick (less than 10ms) switchover to spare in case of OLT line card failure

High-speed (Tpy.5ms or less) switching by optical switches makes it possible to provide services with minimal downtime for users.
The optical switch uses a highly reliable mechanical type that is used in IX, etc., so even in the unlikely event of a failure, optical communication is ensured.

Automatic/remote switching function
Automatic/remote switching function reduces the cost of emergency response

Based on line card failure information from OLT, etc., automatic switching to a spare line card is possible. In addition, since maintenance, installation work, and obstacle relocation can be switched remotely, it is possible to reduce rush costs.


The N+1 redundant configuration can reduce the redundancy cost compared to the 1 working: 1 spare configuration.
Furthermore, assuming that the frequency of simultaneous failures is not necessarily high for line cards, the number of redundant lines can be expanded to a maximum of 64 in order to minimize the number of spare line cards, thereby maximizing the reduction in redundancy costs.

Supports high-density, space-saving OLT
(16 + 1) x 2/4 mode supports 2/4 port type line cards

The 2/4-port type line card, which aims to increase the rack storage rate and reduce the unit cost per port, achieves multi-port line card redundancy by interlocking 16+1 optical switches. Based on the sales record of linking up to 8 devices and linking up to 256 optical switches, it also supports multi-port type line cards.

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