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How do you use the optical connector cleaner?

Watch the video to see how the optical connector end faces are cleaned.

When cleaning the optical connector plug

Use CLETOP-S or OPTIPOP R to clean optical connector plugs.
Anyone can easily clean the connector end face by simply pressing the end face of the optical connector plug against the cleaning surface of the cleaner and sliding it.

Product image_Optical connector cleaner

Wiping the optical connector OPTIPOP R (left), CLETOP-S (right)


*Here, OPTIPOP R is used as an example.

State of cleaning


When cleaning the optical port

When cleaning the optical port (receptacle, ferrule end face behind the adapter), use the stick type CLETOPStick or NEOCLEAN-S, or the pen type NEOCLEAN-EZ or NEOCLEAN-E.
In the case of a stick, insert it into the hole of the adapter and turn the stick 2-3 times in one direction while pushing it lightly.
Pen type can be cleaned by simply inserting the tip into the hole of the adapter and pushing.

* Here, cleaning the inside of the optical connector adapter is explained as an example.

When cleaning the adapter

Precautions when cleaning the optical connector

Since laser light may adversely affect the human body and equipment, follow the instruction manual for the equipment when connecting or disconnecting the optical connector. Laser stop is common. In our verification, when a +18dBm (63mW) laser beam passes through, we have confirmed that the fiber melts when dirt on the optical connector crosses the core due to the wiping action of the cleaner.

Optical connector cleaner instruction manual

光コネクタクリーナ 取扱説明書 をPDFダウンロードできます。

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