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Optical Connector End Face Cleaning System (Offsoon)


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Optical connector end face cleaning system "Offsoon"

Offsoon is an optical connector end face cleaning device for manufacturing sites that cleans dirt by injecting a special solvent along with compressed air onto the end face of an optical connector.
Since there is no direct contact with the end face, there is no need to worry about damaging the end face.
The amount of solvent sprayed is mechanically controlled to achieve consistent cleaning quality regardless of operator skill.
It can also be incorporated into an automated line.

Offsoon Fiber End-face Cleaner

State of cleaning

Transceiver, MT connector cleaning (when using Offsoon Mark3 (old product))


Compatible with various connectors *1

By replacing the tip, it is possible to clean the end face of not only general single-fiber connectors such as SC and LC connectors, but also multi-fiber connectors such as MT and MPO, as well as types of SFP modules that are difficult to clean with general cleaners. .

MT module cleaning

Achieving low running costs (less than 1 yen/time) *2

The cleaning cost per cleaning is very low, less than 1 yen, making it ideal for use at manufacturing sites. The more times you clean, the more cost benefits you can enjoy.

Supports automation by combining with other products *3

By combining with a robot arm and an optional optical connector end surface inspection machine, it can be easily introduced into an automatic cleaning inspection line.

Example of combination with robot arm
Example of combination with robot arm
*1 MT and MPO connector cleaning is only available for Offsoon mark3MT.
*2 Trial calculation for the minimum injection amount for Offsoon mark3. (As of March 2019)
*3 The robot arm is not a standard product. Basically, it will be prepared by the customer.


Item/model number Offsoon mark II Plus Offsoon mark IV Offsoon mark MT
Gas used Dry and clean air / N2
Air supply (*) 0.4MPa-0.6MPa 0.5MPa-1.0MPa
power supply DC 12V
DC 24V
power consumption 5W
operating temperature +5℃~+35℃
cleaning time 1 second 1.5 seconds
Main cleaning target SC/LC, etc.
Single fiber adapter/connector
SC/LC, etc.
Single fiber adapter/connector
Multi-core adapter/connector
External interface Nothing Yes
Weight (main body) about 5.7kg about 7kg
Dimensions (body/handle part) Body: 265 x 205 x 92.5mm
Handle part: φ15mm×110mm
Body: 330 x 200 x 155mm
Handle part: 166 x 43 x 32mm

* The air compressor must be prepared by the customer.

Customization of solvent injection amount and compressed air injection time

Offsoon mark 4 / MT can decide the cleaning specifications from a total of 6 patterns that combine solvent injection amount (large, medium and small 3 patterns) and air injection time (long and short 2 patterns). We can respond to a variety of requests, such as reducing the cleaning time and amount of spray, or conversely maximizing the cleaning performance.

cleaning mechanism

The sprayed cleaning solvent is sprayed onto the end face of the optical connector, collected together with the dirt, and discarded.
cleaning mechanism
cleaning mechanism

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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