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Optical connector cleaner OPTIPOP ® series

All OPTIPOP cleaning sheets are specially washed, so they have excellent cleaning effects!

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Common features

  • Ultra-fine fibers are used for the cleaning cloth, and a special treatment (dust-free treatment) is used to reduce dust. Therefore, it has excellent wiping performance even when used dry.
  • It is safe because it does not use alcohol and can be wiped dry as it is.
  • Antistatic grade resin material is used for the main body to reduce the reattachment of dust and dirt to the optical connector.
The OPTIPOP series complies with the RoHS Directive.


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[Booklet] Effects of dirt on the end face of optical connectors and countermeasures
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OPTIPOP R series cassette type (grip type, reel exchange method)

OPTIPOPR R series reel type
cleaning department
Enlarged photograph of the wiping area of ATC-RE-02


  • Outstanding wiping performance
  • Palm-sized and replaceable reels
  • Easy reel replacement
  • Can be operated with either right or left hand
  • RoHS Directive Compliant Products


Model number ATC-RE-01 ATC-RE-02 ATC-RE-03 ATC-RE-04
Target connector single core connector
Multi-core connector (without pin)
single core connector MT, MPO (with pin) MTRJ (with pin)
Expansion of cleaning section Expansion of cleaning section Expansion of cleaning section Expansion of cleaning section Expansion of cleaning section
Dimensions (mm) 124W×83H×35D
packing A set of the main body and one reel
replacement reel 6 rolls/box (Item: OPTIPOP RS Model number: ATC-RS-01)
Number of wipes 400 times or more

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