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Portable SMX-Manta series

End face inspection device

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Inspects multi-core connectors in as little as three seconds. Supports work at installation sites quickly and accurately.

The SMX-MANTA series of optical connector end face inspection machines is a portable end face inspection machine that can observe multi-fiber connectors (MT, MPO, etc.) with one or two scanning passes.
The top-of-the-line model, the SMX-MANTA W+, has a wide field of view and autofocus functionality.
A multi-core connector can be inspected in as little as three seconds with one scan.
This enables high-speed inspection at manufacturing and installation sites for equipment that uses multi-fiber connectors such as MPO, ensuring reliable optical connector connections.

Product image SMX-Manta W+
SMX-Manta W+
  • MT, MPO connector/ferrule (including APC). Up to 72 fibers can be inspected.
  • SC, LC, FC connector/ferrule (including APC)
*Some of the observable objects are listed. Please contact us for other information.

Product Specifications

Field of view (FOV) (mm) 2.4×1.8 4.1×3.0  4.2×2.8 
focusing Automatic Adjustment
Observation magnification * Equivalent to 290 times Equivalent to 260 times Equivalent to 360x
power supply USB 3.0 port
External dimensions (mm) 75×28×233 
weight (g)
491 491
operating temperature 5°C~35°C

*Depends on display size. Display magnification is shown on a 24-inch display at 1920 x 1080.

Measurement example

Software screen (MT24 cardiac test)

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