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Stationary type EasyCheck series

End face observation machine

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Product overview (optical connector end face observation machine EasyCheck series)

The EasyCheck series is a stationary optical connector end face inspection machine. Lineup of 3 types of magnification (×80/×200/×400), ideal for expanding inspection lines at a reasonable price.
With the industry's highest level of high-definition images, it is possible to reliably prevent the outflow of defective products.

Product imageEasy Check
[Observable] (*)
SC, LC, FC connector/ferrule (including APC)
MT, MPO connector/ferrule (including APC)

*Some of the observable objects are listed. Please inquire about other

EASYCHECK (without end face pass/fail judgment function)

Product Specifications
Model number EasyCheck EC series
External dimensions (mm) 270 × 245 × 155
Weight 1.6Kg
power supply AC adapter
display 8 inch LCD monitor
focusing manual
Connection method None (standalone)
Observation magnification 80/200/400 times

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