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Stationary SmartCheck

End face inspection device

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Product Summary

The stationary end-face inspection machine "SmartCheck" can perform batch inspection of the end faces of MT and MPO connectors/ferrules up to 72 fibers.
There is no need to adjust the observation position or focus, and multi-core connectors can be inspected with a single action, improving the work efficiency of end face inspection.

Product imageSmartCheck
[Inspectable] (*)
MT, MPO connector/ferrule (including APC)
SC, LC, FC, MU connector/ferrule (including APC)

*Some of the observable objects are listed. Please contact us for other information.

SmartCheck (with end face pass/fail judgment function)

Product Specifications
Model number SmartCheck
External dimensions (mm) 265 × 188 × 147
Weight 6.9kg
power supply AC adapter
display Depends on output monitor size
focusing Automatic Manual
Connection method USB
Observation magnification equivalent to 20 times

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